The Tao of Qigong

Qigong or Chi Kung is the skill of cultivating our life force energy to improve overall health or in many cases alleviating disease. Your mind becomes calm and peaceful and your whole being becomes more balanced. It's slow and graceful movements exercise every part of the body including the tendons, viscera and mental content. Postures regulate the body, improving balance and promoting relaxation. Breathing with the movement increases oxygen levels (aerobic), focus and intention. Regulation of the mind enables you to be calm, peaceful and focused so you may lead the Qi through the body in an unobstructed way.

Developing skill in these areas will enable you to sense the state of your internal Qi in relation to external and internal forces so you can balance and restore health. A healthy and coordinated mind and body are necessary to develop the Shen (spirit) toward a higher level of consciousness or Enlightenment. Qigong may be used to treat disease with the help of a qualified practitioner.

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